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Chansawang Convension Hall

Date: 07-12-2016

Chansawang Presents...

All-in-one conferences room. We have large rooms for all kinds of seminars, parties, weddings. Our teams are ready to provide all services you ever going to need for the night.

  • Buffets
  • Cocktails
  • packaged meals
  • Drinks
  • Coffee breaks

Total service Wedding party

For wedding parties, we offer small-price-big-quality services to save you time, money and all.We have skilled professionals availble for consulting.

"May Chansawang be part of your special days!"

Lights, audio devices, projectors and other visual devices are available.
If you are interested, ask for more info at
Ms.Anchalee 02-548-5800 ext. 6206 or 086-344-1153

Chansawang Herbal Lines Company Limited

222 Suan Siam Rd, Kanna Yao,
Kanna Yao, Bangkok 10230

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