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Facial treatment courses

Date: 07-12-2016

Facial Treatment Course
“Beautiful, blemish-free within 45 days”

We guarantee that with our facial treatment course, under our experts’ care, will make you look like a new person within 45 days.

The all-herbal, residue-free treatment will make your skin clean and beautiful like a new shining penny, without excessive worries. Take the treatment course at Chansawang main office (Across the street from Siam Park), use our products and strictly follow advices from our specialists.We guarantee the result with a contract! If your pimples and blemishes don’t go away, we’ll happily refund your expenses!

We guarantee your beauty for only 39,000 Baht!!

Chansawang’s herbal facial treatment steps:

Before use

Reddened skin

1st stage peeling

2nd stage peeling

3rd stage peeling

4th stage peeling

Final stage peeling

Beautiful skin in 45 days!

Visible result within 45 days

Depends on facial skin condition or degradation, there will be obvious changes in the skin condition within 45 days after treatment. The skin will be smoother. Those wrinkles will slowly disappear. The color will become silkier. After treatment, a weekly consultation is advisable for at least 6 or more times. Then you should do additional treatments every 2-6 weeks depends on the skin condition itself, or whenever you feel like it, to keep the skin in good condition as ever.

Special Properties of Chansawang herbal products

  • Accelerate skin peeling
  • Strengthen new cells and tighten skin pores
  • Control the skin pigmentation process

Categorization of skin peeling

  • Very thin peeling – Only the uppermost layer (S. Corneum) peels away.
  • Thin peeling – peels deeper than the above. Some epidermis cells also peel away.
  • Light peeling – deeper than thin peeling. Some or all epidermis cells peel away.

Advantages of facial skin peeling

  • Decrease blemishes and make skin silkier.
  • Treat pimple and general scars.
  • Tighten skin pores and make skin smoother.
  • Decrease the amount of wrinkles.

Stage of visible symptoms during Chansawang treatment

  • Blemishes become more visible. Those with oily skin will become oilier and have even more pimples.
  • Facial skin becomes rougher, rashes appear along with itchiness and slight pain.
  • In some cases skin might redden, have more rashes and swell.
  • Skin gradually becomes smoother and have localized big peels.
  • After thorough peeling, skin pores will tighten, the pimples and blemishes will slowly disappear. The facial complexion will be lighter and silkier.

Results of herbal treatment

  • Effects on epidermis cells
    - Dead epidermis cells will peel away faster and replaced by new cells, without loss in moisture. Also the new cells will concentrate on the upper layer, make your skin glowing and beautiful.
  • Skin pigmentation cells
    - Stimulate suppression of pigmentation process, therefore used for treatment of blemishes, spots and others.
  • Effects on Dermis
    - Stimulate creation of collagen and elastin, making the dermis thicker and firmer. You’ll look younger than age with silky and glowing skin.

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