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Secret recipes further refined and developed into Chansawang’s original formulation, with side-effect-free treatment that nobody else could replicate. Chansawang was born from what called the “Watershed of herbal cosmetics” which will turn dull, blemished, pimple-full skin shiny and beautiful with no side-effect. Truly for Thais, for eternally bright and beautiful skin.

With Dr. Kanchorn’s 47 years
of experience in herbal cosmetic business.

Today, Chansawang has 500 centers in Thailand and abroad, taking care of you from the head to the toe. Consultation with Chansawang’s skincare specialists is also available.


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Facial Treatment Course

"“Silky and beautiful face in 45 days”"
Bright, silky and beautiful like a new person without worries

Developed by specialists, the facial treatment course will turn you into a new person in 45 days, with Chansawang’s natural herb developed especially for those with acne problem and of course, you. Good for those with chronic problem. We guarantee that your skin will be bright and beautiful like a new person in 45 days.

"“If not, we guarantee a refund”"

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